For decades, Japanese culture has given children around the world lovable icons to treasure close to heart. Godzilla, Hello Kitty, Super Mario, ninjas, samurai, all these cherished global superstars rose from within Japan.

Once in Japan, your family will discover even more fantastical phenomena, from automated rolling sushi, beautiful cherry blossom trees, mouth watering Japanese style pizza, to majestic Mount Fuji and ancient Japanese castles; Japan is a global destination your family won’t forget!

Furthermore, Japan ranks among the safest countries on earth. In fact, Business Insider ranks Tokyo and Osaka, Japan’s two largest metropolises, as the top three safest cities in the world with Tokyo as number 1!

Lastly, the currency rate of the weak Japanese yen is very advantageous for tourist families from abroad. Now is a perfect time for your family to enjoy an exotic and affordable vacation to the land of the rising sun.

Join us in Osaka, Japan, a vast city centrally located between Kyoto, Kobe, and Nara. Here, we’d like to offer your family a fun and educational experience that involves communicating and mingling with Japanese local families.