The Adams Family

Saturday, July 4th and Sunday, July 5th, Kids Travel Japan had the pleasure of hosting our first ever family, the Adams family! Dia Adams, a travel mom and blogger of The Deal Mommy, got in touch with us and was excited to a part of our cross-cultural family program.

One lucky Japanese family joined us to see the ancient Japanese capital of Nara for an all day excursion Saturday. Everyone had a blast, especially thanks to the darling Nara Park deer.

Below is a video montage of the highlights during our Nara day trip.

Watch on YouTube: KitakuEigo: アダムズファミリーとの奈良への遠足

On Sunday, we went to a kids exploratorium called Kids Plaza Osaka. After playing English games in the adjacent park, Aiden and Ariana explored the world of magnets, bubbles, and water evaporation, etc. together with their new local Japanese friends.

Watch on YouTube:KitakuEigo: アメリカ人の子供達との楽しい英語遠足

For dinner, we regrouped and joined up at our favorite local Hawaiian restaurant before taking a group photo at the iconic Octopus Park.

Before we bid farewell to the Adams family, the entire Adams family gave us feedback regarding their weekend with us and the local Japanese families. Please watch! A recap of the Adams family’s Asian vacation can be found here:

The Deal Mommy: Asia Recap

Watch on YouTube:KitakuEigo: 二日間の英語遠足を終えて

Watch on YouTube:KitakuEigo: 遠足に参加したアメリカ人両親からの感想