International Play Date #2 in Osaka

Saturday, July 29th, Monica and her 10 yr. old son Dimitri came to Osaka, Japan from Rio de Janeiro and we did our best to help them enjoy their stay.

In the early afternoon, my wife and 6 yr. old daughter took them both to The Instant Ramen Museum located on the outskirts of Osaka.

There they enjoyed learning how ramen noodles are cooked and prepared. Last, they made their own Nisshin Cup Noodles and used their favorite ingredients from dozens of toppings. After the educational and delicious experience at the ramen museum, they headed to Namba where I rendezvoused with them.


Namba is a must-see for international tourists. The neon billboards and atmosphere will fill you with energy and it’s here where you’ll find the best local street food stalls in the city. We had a great time posing for pictures and having tasty snacks together before going back to Yodobashi Camera together in Umeda, the northern business district of Osaka. Here we bid farewell and left them in the electronics wonderland that Yodobashi Camera is.

My family and I had a great time together and we are happy to have been apart of their first trip to Japan. Though our daughter Celina doesn’t speak Portuguese, Dimitri and her both had a great time and got along swell. When it comes to kids, language is not a barrier for having fun and that’s what we at Kids Travel Japan promote here in Osaka, Japan.

If you have travel plans to visit Osaka, please get in touch so we can create a bicultural event for you and your family.


International Play Date in Osaka

Last month, we organized another of our bicultural family events geared towards tourist families in Japan. This time, we welcomed Leah Mair and her family from Australia.

We typically hold our events on Sundays but Leah told me they’d only be in Osaka for 2 nights during the week. So this time, I decided to hold a casual international kids play date for local Japanese families to come and meet Leah and her three young boys, ages 13, 9, and 3.

Unfortunately, the weather spoiled our plans a bit so we were limited to playing indoors. After meeting and playing at a spacious cafe in downtown Osaka, we took the Mair family to Kurazushi, one of the most popular conveyor belt sushi restaurant chains in Japan. Leah’s husband, Nathan, rendezvoused with us and joined dinner. The children really warmed up to each other after dinner but we unfortunately had to cut the evening short because Leah and her family had to get back to their hotel to recharge for the following day at Universal Studios Japan.

Despite the weather and briefness, the Japanese children enjoyed playing and being around Leah’s three children. Leah even brought souvenirs from Australia for them.

Perhaps this encounter will inspire each child that joined to take more interest in either Japan or Australia in the years to come.


Reviews on our Kids Travel Japan Program

Do you and your children have plans to visit Japan? If you’ll be in the Osaka/Kyoto area, we’d love for your family to experience our bicultural family program that will help you travel deeper within Japan and get to meet and socialize with local Japanese families.

Spring this year, Hannah and her two daughters joined our bicultural program here in Osaka, Japan. Hannah kindly wrote about her family’s experience recently regarding our event and how they enjoyed meeting and interacting with the local Japanese families. Check out Hannah’s review on her family travel blog below!

Bicultural Event with Kids Travel Japan

Feel free to check out a video review below I did with Hannah just after our event and a slideshow of our event.

Video Interview

Event Slideshow

Meeting Hannah and her daughters Clio and Eden the day before our event.

Summer last year, the Adams family from Washington D.C. joined our cross-cultural program and enjoyed two full days with Japanese local families. Last month, Dia wrote a review on that experience of her family’s. Please check that out below if you’ve missed that.

The Joys of Travel Playdates

Aiden, Haruka, and Ariana smiling for the camera after our dinner party.


Below, you’ll find slideshows of our visit to Nara and Kids Plaza, Osaka where we guided the Adams family and played games together with Japanese children.

Day 1

Day 2

Finally, I’d like to share video interviews of Dia’s family.

Dia & Greg Video Interview

Aiden & Ariana Video Interview

By joining our Kids Travel Japan program, you and your children will enjoy genuine experiences with real Japanese families.

English Fun and Games in Octopus Park

Last Sunday, we at Kids Travel Japan had the pleasure of hosting Hannah and her two daughters, Eden and Clio, here in Osaka. Osaka was one of the multiple destinations on Hannah’s places to see list. Please learn more about her recent visit to mainland Japan on her blog.

Fun Flying Four

Sunday morning, all the participating families rendezvoused at Octopus Park, located in the heart of Osaka, where Hannah introduced herself and her family in English.

Morning Rendevous

Next, I began a fun English lessons teaching body parts using gestures, song, and team games. This helped the children feel less shy and more relaxed.

Picture time!

We then had a 15 minute playtime break before moving to a nearby ballet studio for some indoor fun. The next English lesson was weather and the spoon game proved to be a big hit among all the children. Lastly, we played a game that allowed Eden to learn animals in Japanese.

Any volunteer?!

Please check out the video montage below showing the highlights of our family event.

Watch on Youtube: KitakuEigo: ゲーム盛り沢山のイベント成功!!

Thanks again to Hannah and her two daughters for joining our bicultural family event!! We hope you had an authentic experience socializing with real Japanese families.

The Curtis Family: April 10th Event

We have the pleasure of welcoming another family to Osaka. This time, Hannah Curtis and her two daughters will join our program and participate in bicultural activities and games together with local Japanese families. Feel free to check out Hannah’s blog and learn about her family’s adventures living in Okinawa.

Fun Flying Four

My goal is to make sure all the children leave with wonderful memories and inspiration to learn more about foreign cultural and language. I’ve begun promoting this event on my Japanese homepage: KitakuEigo

The Curtis Family

I’ve also created a video with feedback I received from a father and daughter who joined our bicultural excursion with the Adams family last summer.

My family and local Japanese families look forward to having a great time with Hannah and her two daughters.

Watch on YouTube: KitakuEigo: ★英語遠足★参加者からの声

Celebrating Christmas in Japan

Kids Are A Trip kindly allowed me to write an article explaining how Japan celebrates Christmas. I hope your family will have a chance to discover Japan during this lovely holiday. Better yet, if your family visits during December, let us at Kids Travel Japan show you, together with local Japanese families, just how the Japanese celebrate Christmas.

Celebrating Christmas in Japan: Holiday Celebrations Around the World

Christmas in Japan

Photo credit: Creative Commons