The Parsons Family


The Parsons Family Caleb Parsons: Hi there! I’m from California. I graduated from UCLA in Spanish linguistics and had plans to become a teacher nearby but the calling to teach in Japan was irresistible; I find myself living and teaching English in Osaka, Japan since 2007. Throughout my experience with educational corporations, private and public schools from kindergarten all the way up to university, I’ve taught persons of all ages. But I’ve found teaching young children to be my calling. Thanks to my young daughter, I’ve realized the necessity of English for Japanese youth starting from kindergarten.

I offer children ages 3-12 opportunities to love life through English. I do this by creating invaluable opportunities for Japanese families and families living abroad to socialize. Feel free to see my teaching blog with more videos and photos about my teaching experience:

Cindy Parsons: I was born and raised in Japan. As a high school student in Japan, I took my first overseas trip to The United States and I instantly loved it. I graduated from Kobe College in Cultural Anthropology. I currently teach English at a private international kindergarten. Recently, I enjoy learning how to cook Mexican food. Please check out my blog:

Celina Parsons: I’m 4 and I was born in Osaka, Japan. I love unicorns and Elsa from Frozen. I speak only English at home but at kindergarten, everything is Japanese. I’m also learning Spanish and I hope to communicate more with kids from all parts of the world. Nice to meet you!