Saturday, July 29th, Monica and her 10 yr. old son Dimitri came to Osaka, Japan from Rio de Janeiro and we did our best to help them enjoy their stay.

In the early afternoon, my wife and 6 yr. old daughter took them both to The Instant Ramen Museum located on the outskirts of Osaka.

There they enjoyed learning how ramen noodles are cooked and prepared. Last, they made their own Nisshin Cup Noodles and used their favorite ingredients from dozens of toppings. After the educational and delicious experience at the ramen museum, they headed to Namba where I rendezvoused with them.


Namba is a must-see for international tourists. The neon billboards and atmosphere will fill you with energy and it’s here where you’ll find the best local street food stalls in the city. We had a great time posing for pictures and having tasty snacks together before going back to Yodobashi Camera together in Umeda, the northern business district of Osaka. Here we bid farewell and left them in the electronics wonderland that Yodobashi Camera is.

My family and I had a great time together and we are happy to have been apart of their first trip to Japan. Though our daughter Celina doesn’t speak Portuguese, Dimitri and her both had a great time and got along swell. When it comes to kids, language is not a barrier for having fun and that’s what we at Kids Travel Japan promote here in Osaka, Japan.

If you have travel plans to visit Osaka, please get in touch so we can create a bicultural event for you and your family.


International Play Date #2 in Osaka