Last month, we organized another of our bicultural family events geared towards tourist families in Japan. This time, we welcomed Leah Mair and her family from Australia.

We typically hold our events on Sundays but Leah told me they’d only be in Osaka for 2 nights during the week. So this time, I decided to hold a casual international kids play date for local Japanese families to come and meet Leah and her three young boys, ages 13, 9, and 3.

Unfortunately, the weather spoiled our plans a bit so we were limited to playing indoors. After meeting and playing at a spacious cafe in downtown Osaka, we took the Mair family to Kurazushi, one of the most popular conveyor belt sushi restaurant chains in Japan. Leah’s husband, Nathan, rendezvoused with us and joined dinner. The children really warmed up to each other after dinner but we unfortunately had to cut the evening short because Leah and her family had to get back to their hotel to recharge for the following day at Universal Studios Japan.

Despite the weather and briefness, the Japanese children enjoyed playing and being around Leah’s three children. Leah even brought souvenirs from Australia for them.

Perhaps this encounter will inspire each child that joined to take more interest in either Japan or Australia in the years to come.


International Play Date in Osaka