Last Sunday, we at Kids Travel Japan had the pleasure of hosting Hannah and her two daughters, Eden and Clio, here in Osaka. Osaka was one of the multiple destinations on Hannah’s places to see list. Please learn more about her recent visit to mainland Japan on her blog.

Fun Flying Four

Sunday morning, all the participating families rendezvoused at Octopus Park, located in the heart of Osaka, where Hannah introduced herself and her family in English.

Morning Rendevous

Next, I began a fun English lessons teaching body parts using gestures, song, and team games. This helped the children feel less shy and more relaxed.

Picture time!

We then had a 15 minute playtime break before moving to a nearby ballet studio for some indoor fun. The next English lesson was weather and the spoon game proved to be a big hit among all the children. Lastly, we played a game that allowed Eden to learn animals in Japanese.

Any volunteer?!

Please check out the video montage below showing the highlights of our family event.

Watch on Youtube: KitakuEigo: ゲーム盛り沢山のイベント成功!!

Thanks again to Hannah and her two daughters for joining our bicultural family event!! We hope you had an authentic experience socializing with real Japanese families.

English Fun and Games in Octopus Park