Parents have a tough task raising children. Education through travel abroad is an effective method of helping our children grow, but this is stressful and can often be expensive. We here in Osaka, Japan want to help your children grow, learn, and have fun!

Children love playing with other children. In addition to being fun, it is crucial for mental and social development. As an English educator in Japan, I had been searching for a fresh and natural way for Japanese children to enjoy and develop their English skills to the fullest. I now accomplish this by creating opportunities for Japanese children of ages 3-12 to play with, socialize, communicate, and create new friendships with native English speaking children from English speaking countries.

My program brings together families from abroad with local Japanese families by means of cultural exchange through English, fun lunch events, and day excursions to popular and family friendly tourist spots in Osaka.

Thus, we invite native English speaking families of English speaking countries who are visiting Japan as tourists to visit Osaka as our guests. We then offer our young Japanese students of English and their families a special and rare chance to enjoy quality time together with our foreign guests. These events include activities, songs, and games all in English. The purpose of this will be to maximize communication, cooperation, and fun between Japanese children and foreign native English speaking children.